Why Action4Acomb

Local People.....Local Priorities

Action4Acomb (A4A), has the prime purpose of leading on the Acomb Community Led Plan (CLP) involving the local community. 

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Why Action4Acomb

Our Mission

Action4Acomb (A4A), as a constituted group, has the prime purpose of leading on a Community Led Plan (CLP) involving the local community, tapping into local knowledge, experience and the vast array of skills and contributions of local residents to make it happen. 

Access and read the Community Led Plan.

What Is A Community Led Plan

  • A plan to improve Acomb, focusing on what is important to the people living and working in Acomb Parish – (there has been early consultation visiting established groups and more recently, a questionnaire to all households).
  • It provides a working document to influence local and national decision making across various organisations e.g. Parish Council,County Council, Environment Agency – ( already there has been links made with partner organisations, as has been demonstrated in the work relating to Acomb’s Flood Plan).
  • It is a tool by which A4A can apply for funding to improve facilities and services – (successful grant applications are already making a difference, LEAF Grant to support the Citizen Science Project; Community Chest to support the development of this website and the printing of the questionnaire; Action for All Lottery funding to support the Youth Club and holiday activities; Parish Council Grant to support the process of the Community Plan).

By the community...for the community.

Here are the pages of the leaflet , published after the public meeting Parish Council meeting held on 4 April 2012 and distributed to all households within Acomb Parish. In this leaflet it clearly states “A Community-Led Plan works best when the community takes charge of it -‘by the community …for the community’…..It is important that the Parish Council is NOT the lead body in deciding what the village wants…how it is done….and who’s going to do it….!”

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