Protect and Sustain

Local People.....Local Priorities

Issues were identified as being important to Acomb residents. Dog Foul Campaign / Litter Campaign / Monitoring Conservation Area / Retaining Bus Service.

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Protect and Sustain

Important to Acomb Residents

As part of the Protect and Sustain Actions as outlined in the Community Led Plan, the following issues were identified as being important to Acomb residents:

  • Dog Foul Campaign
  • Litter Campaign
  • Monitoring the Conservation Area
  • Retaining our bus service

Dog Foul Campaign

This campaign has been ongoing since February 2014. The Animal Welfare Officer has visited the village to meet residents and the school too as the children had concerns. To date the following have been

  • Extra notices have been placed around the village.
  • New additional bins have been placed in the following locations:

~near the school common

~near the Millersfield bungalows on the approach to Fallowfield

~outside Garden House Farm

~at the Old Hexham Road entrance

~across from the Post Office at the bus stop

~on Howford Lane near the junction of A6079 and also at the parking area at the approach to Watersmeet

~ The Gaps

~ Entrance to Hexham Old Road

All bins have been provided by Acomb Parish Council. Further bins will be installed gradually at sites identified by residents as funding becomes available.

  • Remember all bins can be used for disposing of dog poo – not just the special red ones! Free Poo bags continue to be available at the Post Office. Just ask Paul.

There have been mixed views about whether there has been improvement or not. If there is illegal dog fouling on pavements and footpaths/bridleways, then please report it to 0345 600 6400. The Dog Warden will revisit the village and address recurrent dog fouling incidents.

As of September 2018, another visit is due soon. If there are specific areas you are concerned about contact the dog warden on 0345 600 6400.

Litter Campaign

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Conservation Area

The maintenance of our conservation areas are covered within the Acomb Neighbourhood Plan. 

You can investigate it further here.

Bus Services

Don’t stop the buses!
Concerns were raised about the possible cuts to Acomb’s bus service. Local people were consulted about the bus service that Northumberland County Council supports in the West Area of the county. Questionnaires were distributed to all households. Due to the strength of concern raised, there was a delay in the tendering process with contracts extended. Existing bus timetables were printed and delivered to all households.

It was felt that this issue should be retained as a Community Led Plan Action.

Protect and Sustain


How it will be tackledPriorityPartnersLead


Retain Bus Service to ensure links with Hexham to meet the needs of particularly those  residents without a car Publicise local bus services Medium Local residentsA4A



County Councillor


 PC Successful campaign previously, supported by local survey
Retain Bus Service to ensure links with Hexham to meet the needs of those  residents without a carContinue to ensure current level of bus service provision is maintained and reviewed periodicallyHighLocal residents





PCSuccessful campaign previously, supported by local survey
Actively campaign to retain a service should the service be at riskHighLocal residents




County Councillor

PCSuccessful campaign previously, supported by a survey
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